Global Distributers Recruitment

We will recruit ZEPTOOLS distributors in all regions of the world, if you are interested, please contact E-mail: sales@zeptools.com or +8615756003283

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Empowering Technological Innovation With Precision Measurement

A high-tech company with complete independent intellectual property rights for precision instruments.

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ZEM20 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

Featuring a range of exclusive technologies, combining excellent imaging quality with portability

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In-situ TEM Measurement System

Integrated functions for light, electricity, force, heat, cooling, liquid, and atmosphere

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Empowering Technologica Innovation With Precision Measurement

ZEPTOOLS  is a scientific instrument company with complete independent intellectual property rights, specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of in-situ electron microscope solutions, complete scanning electron microscopes, stylus profilers, probe stations, and other instruments. ZEPTOOLS is committed to becoming a world-class provider of equipment and solutions for the entire nanotechnology value chain.

Popular Applications

The scanning electron microscopes and in-situ measurement systems developed independently by ZEPTOOLS have achieved numerous high-impact research outcomes in cutting-edge scientific projects.
The instrument and equipment independently developed by ZEPTOOLS enable in-situ growth and electrochemical characterization of 2D materials, driving advancements in the theoretical and practical exploration of 2D materials.
ZEPTOOLS' in-situ technology enables in-situ research of the working mechanisms of lithium-ion materials, driving the development and application of high-performance lithium-ion batteries.
ZEPTOOLS' in-situ electron microscope system enables in-situ mechanical loading tests on various nanomaterials and devices, revealing the mechanical response behaviors of nanostructures.
ZEPTOOLS provides precise surface morphology characterization and sample processing solutions for semiconductor chip development, advancing integrated circuit manufacturing technology.
The instrumentation provided by ZEPTOOLS allows researchers to observe the microstructure of biological samples, revealing the microscopic mechanisms in life science activities.

News Center

2023 ZEPTOOLS PicoFemto In-situ sample holders user results selected 40 articles

ZEPTOOLS' PicoFemto series of in-situ electron microscopy measurement system products have hundreds of high quality customers in China, spreading over 27 provincial administrative regions. In-situ sample holders are continuously updated, and the application cases will be updated in the future. Teachers who missed the previous reports can also read them by clicking "Previous Articles" on the home page of the public number. You are also welcome to follow the public number, where there are cutting-edge information, leading solutions and high-level research results in the field of electron microscopy, so come and have a brainstorm with your friends.


Congratulations! ZEPTOOLS has been officially recognized as one of the first Anhui Provincial Enterprise R&D Centers.

"ZEPTOOLS.Anhui Provincial Enterprise R&D Center" has successfully obtained recognition. This recognition represents an important acknowledgment and affirmation of Zeptools' contributions to technological innovation and industry leadership.


Featured on CCTV! ZEPTOOLS' step profiler showcased on CCTV News

CCTV reported on August 24th that during his research trip to Guangdong, Premier Li Qiang visited Songshan Lake Materials National Laboratory and inspected several demonstrations of new technologies and products. Among them, Academician Wang Engo, Chairman of the Board of Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, provided a detailed introduction to Premier Li Qiang about domestic products such as the step profiler, which have been successfully industrialized and put into mass production by Zeptools, filling a gap in the domestic market.