Popular Applications


Scientific Research

The scanning electron microscopes and in-situ measurement systems developed independently by ZEPTOOLS have achieved numerous high-impact research outcomes in cutting-edge scientific projects.

2D Material Growth And Characterization

The instrument and equipment independently developed by ZEPTOOLS enable in-situ growth and electrochemical characterization of 2D materials, driving advancements in the theoretical and practical exploration of 2D materials.

Lithium-ion Batteries And New Energy Sources

ZEPTOOLS' in-situ technology enables in-situ research of the working mechanisms of lithium-ion materials, driving the development and application of high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

Nanomechanical Testing

ZEPTOOLS' in-situ electron microscope system enables in-situ mechanical loading tests on various nanomaterials and devices, revealing the mechanical response behaviors of nanostructures.


ZEPTOOLS provides precise surface morphology characterization and sample processing solutions for semiconductor chip development, advancing integrated circuit manufacturing technology.

Life Sciences

The instrumentation provided by ZEPTOOLS allows researchers to observe the microstructure of biological samples, revealing the microscopic mechanisms in life science activities.